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About us


"Henry" Ltd. is a leading company of the plastic packaging production and sale in Latvia.


15 years of experience in production, using modern equipment and materials that meet
EU requirements allows us to produce various types of plastic products
and fulfill individual exclusive orders.


"Henry" Ltd. has developed and implemented a personal innovation that makes our products
have a great run.

We supply plastic packaging to companies engaged in the processing and packaging of meat, fish,
other food and non-food products in Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, England and the USA.


Our main areas of activity:

- Production of polymer packaging on injection-molding machine with a compression force
   from 90 to 260 tons;
- Manufacturing of transfer molds.


The assortment of plastic products includes polymer containers of various volumes and shapes - boxes,
buckets, jars for packaging goods of general use. All our products have the EU
CoC (Certificate of Conformity).

We design and manufacture transfer molds,inter alia, we practice casting according to customer molds.


Our packaging provides a high level of tightness and protection of the product during transit.


The company has representative offices and trade partners in Latvia,
Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and the USA.